PDMS Model Macro to Create Vertical Vessel

How to create 3D Primitive PDMS vertical vessel easily ?

PDMS macro to create 3D primitive vertical vessel
This macro is made from PML Language and be designed to create vertical vessel  in 3D PDMS easily with input design parameter only, see vertical vessel modeling picture in this post below.

Why should we use PDMS Macro Vertical Vessel Modeling ?

  • Reduce time to creating 3D primitive that not efficient in design phase.
  • Create quickly a simple 3D model vertical vessel.
  • Easy to use, no need setting from admin side just drag / drop file or command macro file to show the menu.
 below is the view of  PDMS Macro Vertical Vessel Modeling v1.01 and how to use

PDMS Model Macro to Create Vertical Vessel

PDMS Macro Add Nozzle to List

PDMS Macro select nozzle specification

Menu :
Main form
Inside Diameter : Inside diameter of vessel.
Shell Thickness : Shell thickness of vessel.
T.L to T.L : Distance between tangent line to tangent line.
Skirt Height : Height of skirt support.
Base Diameter : Diameter of base plate.
Base Height : Height of base plate.
Nozzle : List of Nozzle Name, Specification, Elevation, Orientation and Projection.
Add : Show Nozzle select form to set nozzle data and add to nozzle list.
Remove : Remove nozzle dat from nozzle list.
Create : Button to generate 3D primitive on PDMS workspace.

Nozzle Select form
Add to list : Add nozzle data to nozzle list in main form.
Select Spec : Show nozzle specification selection and choose nozzle specification.

How to use this PDMS model macro :

  1. Select EQUI CE.
  2. Fill data in PDMS Macro Vertical Vessel Form, see Vertical Vessel Modeling Parameter below for reference.
  3. Click Add will show Nozzle select form.
  4. Fill data of nozzle with click Select Spec button to choose nozzle specification and click Add to list button to add nozzle data to nozzle list. 
  5. Click Remove to remove nozzle data from nozzle list.
  6. Click Create button to generate the 3D model ( primitive ).

PDMS Model Macro to Create Vertical Vessel

PDMS Model Macro Nozzle ListPDMS Model Macro Nozzle List

PDMS Model Macro to Create Vertical Vessel

PDMS Model Macro to Create Vertical Vessel Parameter
PDMS Model Macro Vertical Vessel Modeling Parameter

Why use PDMS Macro from nggokabeh.com ?

  • Can be used by PDMS designer or modeler without instalation from admin side.
  • Without PML index setting so can be saved in local folder, let's say personal use only.
  • Facilitate private job so others don't know using macro or not.
  • 100% support and feature update.

Goto PDMS macro download page to get Vertical Vessel Modeling v1.01 and another tools for optimize your job result. 

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